5 Mins with Ken Wallace from Educator Impact

pic2Now more than ever, when you listen to what’s driving innovation in the education sector, there is a great deal of discussion around improving student outcomes. This is why a lot of research has been done in examining the impact of feedback for teachers as a tool for helping them improve their practice.

Because of this, we have noticed that schools all over Australia are looking for a system that makes this process easy because when it comes to feedback via data and online systems, nobody wants to feel uneasy, unable or fearful. If you think about it, teachers have traditionally felt apprehensive about getting feedback from peers about their practice, so what schools want is a way to get large scale improvement happening in a way that promotes positive behaviour and culture change as part of their teachers’ professional development. I definitely believe that structured feedback, self reflection, observation and goal setting is something we are going to see a lot more of as time moves forward and as schools look to get the best outcome for their students.

When feedback is presented in a simple format, it can form the basis of each teacher’s own smart development goals and when teachers can track their professional development journey it’s even better because you can delve into the data to get as much detail as you like. But the bottom line is you want results and you don’t want a process or a system to be overly time consuming to get outcomes that are really high in value.

A large proportion of schools have professional development frameworks that involve collecting data, taking surveys and doing some self reflection, however what the Educator Impact System does is it pulls together all of those challenges in a simple and easy fashion. From the school’s perspective, you get an aggregate view of the data that clearly defines each teacher’s professional development goals which really helps principals and leaders align additional professional development around areas that the cohort are looking to set goals against.

What we find teachers like the most about it is it’s really personalised to you as a teacher so you get the best opportunity to reach the goals that you set so our program is built around behaviour change and its designed in a way to make it an easy process.

The feedback we get from Principals and Heads of Teaching & Learning is that the system enables a tremendous step in the right direction as far as culture change in their schools. Going through EI creates a lot of positive dialogue opportunities around the specific things that improve the school such as better teaching practice, innovative ways to really open up the classroom, ways to enhance collaboration through sharing feedback, ideas and insights by inviting each other into their classrooms. Ultimately, schools can gain a competitive advantage in the education market however the real winners are the students because they get the best quality teaching the school has to offer and that’s something that we are really excited to be a part of.

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