Makers Empire makes the World’s Easiest to Use 3D Printing software.

UnknownThe mission to bridge the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s learners is alive and well as Makers Empire have developed software for intuitive touch devices (iPad/Android/Windows) which even the youngest students can use.

Makers Empire knows that software alone is not enough. To ensure teachers and schools get real education value from 3D printing, they bundle their software with teaching resources in the only 3D printing Learning Program made in Australia for Australian students.

Makers Empire Learning Program has been tested with year F to 7 students in Australian schools – with fantastic results.

The Makers Empire Learning Program includes:

  • Volume licensed software – for iPad/Android/Windows tablets
  • Professional development – to ensure teachers know how to use this great technology
  • Lesson and unit plans aligned to the Australian Curriculum
  • Teachers web portal
  • Local support

School Users Discuss Their Experiences

Stuart Sluggett, Scotch College Upper Primary Curriculum Coordinator / Year 6 Classroom Teacher says “At Scotch College Adelaide, 3D printing has been integrated into the Year 6 curriculum during the past 12 months. The pupils really enjoy utilising 3D printing technology in the classroom and the session provided by Makers Empire allowed the students to showcase their knowledge and creativity. This was yet another opportunity for our students to extend their learning.”

Clay McCann, Deputy Principal of Labrador State School says, “We are excited to begin investigating the possibilities this will open up to our students in multiple areas of the curriculum. The Makers Empire app makes it easy for our students to begin designing and appraising their creations and then gives them immediate feedback with the end result being their very own 3D model ”

Ilia Tsoutouras Principal Virginia Primary School says, “We need to ensure we provide as many broad opportunities as possible to promote and prepare our students to be life-long learners. Many of the jobs that exist today will be obsolete by the time our children enter the workforce. As a school, we are excited by the creative and innovative opportunities the relationship with Makers Empire will bring through 3D design and printing. This connection will continue to add to the quality learning experiences offered to our children”

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